New collection. Colours

In accordance with current tendencies, VENTAROCK brings to Your notice the new collection, which makes it simpler to satisfy different preferences of customers, creates the diversity of products. In collaboration with architects, this year, new collections of colours in calm, natural shades were developed. One of the characteristics of VENTAROCK is the possibility to choose any color and implement it in any collection.


Natural colours

Thanks to close cooperation with architects, the VENTAROCK company offers individual color matching specifically for YOU. Following the latest trends in design and architecture, the color of the year will be presented every year. Among the distinguishing features of the Brick collection there is the reduced size of chamfer, which gives the facade new hint, the ability to choose a variety of colors and combine them together.

Natural material

Artificial stone VENTAROCK is manufactured from natural materials and is environmentally friendly.


VENTAROCK complies systematically with the highest environmental and sanitary standards.


Artificial stone VENTAROCK guarantees safety and provides for an absolute fire resistance thanks to its excellent thermal capabilities.

New textures and shapes

New textures increase the vividness and depth of any facade. Different textures and shades create an exciting interaction of light and shadow, which varies depending on the angle of view. New textures provide architects with an additional freedom and space for individual ideas.

Brick collection

Artificial stone, with a smooth surface and without chamfers.

Vintage collection

Artificial stone, with a smooth surface, without chamfers, mounted vertically.

Free desing collection

Artificial stone, with a smooth surface and heterogeneous (flash) coloring of the front surface.

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