From idea to implementation

The VENTAROCK specialists and the network they created support architects and contractors at all stages of the project, beginning from the idea up to the implementation.

Design development and facade optimization

Transformation of the idea into a finished facade

Conformity of the design to the production technology

Consultation on technological capabilities

General development of the façade solution


Development of a 3D model of the facade

Optimization of facade division

Compliance with production parameters

Base calculation for economic implementation

Static calculation

3D calculation of elementary statics by the technique of finite elements

Static measurement of an element at any point

Determination: of the actual necessity for fixations at points, of subsystem distances and etc.

Selection of the type of subsystem and components of the facade

VENTAROCK - Universal ready-made solutions

Layouts and style design

Transfer of existing concepts to a ready-made solution

Visualization so as to assess architectural performance

Maquette for technical tests, wind loads, etc.

Industrial production

Creation of production data from 3D models and projects

Calculation of the required number of elements for production

Production of facade elements

Individual approach to every customer

Production of individual samples of the facade system on request


Creation of complex drawings and instructions for each type of elements

Mounting samples of the facade system at the factory or at the customers site

Logistic Service

Development of an optimal order and sequence

Labeling of finished products in the manufacturing process to track how the product is supplied to the construction site

Individual packaging

Safe storage and delivery

Quality guarantee

High quality standards

Сonstantly high degree of universal values in the work environment

Сonstant quality assessment using an extrusion process with continuous monitoring to check radii and angles, visual inspections and etc.

Supervision and installation on-site

Consultation, training and supervision at the installation

On site assembly by local installation personnel

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