VENTAROCK LLC is a member of the RASSVET group of companies, it has been leading in various construction industries for over 20 years.


     The function of thermal insulation and energy saving of different-purpose buildings. Taking into account the current demand for energy-saving constructions in the territory of Ukraine, as well as in European countries and the CIS, the company has established and successfully carries out large scale production of ventilated facades with a high degree of efficiency – they help to save up about 40% of energy resources. Production is carried out through the use of European technologies of high-quality equipment, thanks to what VENTAROCK holds the lead in the selected market segment. The company is committed to dynamic development and regular increase in production indicators.


     To this day, the industrial capacities owned by the VENTAROCK, allow the production of more than 800 thousand square meters of facade systems per year.



Main office
Lviv, Horodotska street, 207
+38 (093)607-07-77