Regarding the material

Currently, the problem of energy and heat savings of both residential and commercial premises appears to be one of the most crucial. In search of optimal ways on how to solve this problem, the effective solution was discovered - the installation of ventilated facades. Thanks to the use of facade systems of this type, approximately 40% of energy resources can be saved.



VENTAROCK is an artificial stone. Its technical characteristics, quality as well as durability contribute to the universal and avant-garde application of our product.

The natural color.

Natural product with its characteristic features, the interaction of color shades, provide a lively look on the facade.


The artificial stone VENTAROCK is composed of mineral components and provides absolute fire resistance thanks to its excellent thermal capabilities.


Estimated service life comes to approximately 50 years.


The VENTAROCK façade is painted over the entire base with high-quality pigments that match the natural colors. Natural, and therefore authentic, colors fit perfectly into the landscape of any city.


The possibility to produce different sizes and different mounting systems makes it possible to implement various designs.

The evaluation of life cycle

Unlike other materials for facades, such as aluminum, fiber cement and HPL, during the production of VENTAROCK facades, only limited amount of primary energy is consumed, what in its turn leads to a low load of CO2 and causes a minimal greenhouse effect.

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