Facade with the character

Functionality, aesthetics and authenticity - these are the main components thanks to which the facades of VENTAROCK take on a new significance.


Ventilated facade systems

We offer energy-efficient facade systems of "C" class with simple design and installation principles.



VENTAROCK combines in itself functionality and aesthetics, sets and adheres to high standards of environmental protection.


About us


Construction and know-how

During the production of VENTAROCK facades, only ecological, natural raw materials are used. As a result, natural, and therefore authentic colors blend perfectly into the landscape of any city. VENTAROCK is a combination of functionality and aesthetics.


VENTAROCK benefits

Explore the limits of what is possible

It is the collaboration between students, architects and designers what characterizes the company culture of VENTAROCK. They introduce their creativity, ideas and their abstract analytical thinking to the department of the company development. In return, VENTAROCK contributes to the development of new products and finds new answers and solutions through dialogue and close

Serious and responsible attitude

The strongest incentive for continuous development is the demand to create a high- quality facade in order to make an active contribution towards the energy revolution. The company's goal is to create products that are not limited in terms of aesthetics, freedom of design and economy.

Embrace the chance to experiment

Thanks to the continuous development, product-line expansion and willingness to experiment, the VENTAROCK company can contribute to the country's architecture.

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